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New Forests Company (Uganda)


About the Company

Conceived in 2004, and operational from 2005 in Uganda, The New Forests Company has rapidly established itself as Uganda’s biggest tree planter with 54,000 acres of forestry land and is emerging as the country’s pre-eminent sustainable forestry company. The company is now operational on three plantations across the country in Mubenbe, Kiboga and the Bugiri districts and will have, by the end of 2008, planted 15,000 acres of pine and eucalyptus. The company is currently exploring new ways to generate early revenues in 2008-2009.

The New Forests Company is:

  • Establishing commercial and profitable timber plantations of fast growing tree species, indigenous and exotic, which have adapted well to Uganda's environment.
  • Protecting the remaining natural forests that occur along streams and restoring and regenerating those forests that have been destroyed by encroachers.
  • Providing employment and development to rural communities where unemployment levels are very high.
  • Meeting Uganda’s national development priorities for investment in agro-industry, poverty alleviation and rural development.


In the current year, 2008, the company planted almost 4,5 million trees, bringing our total tree stock by year end to approximately 8.5-9 million (or 15,000 acres). The trees, pine and eucalyptus, will supply sawn timber and building and transmission poles. The company is not only planting commercial species on suitable soils, but will also regenerate badly destroyed existing indigenous trees species like Albizia, Melicia Excelsior and Markhamia as part of the bio-diversity conservation goals. This is in order to rehabilitate the heavily damaged water catchment area.
Sustainable commercial forestry and the protection and promotion of bio-diversity is combined with a carefully designed programme of community participation and benefit which aims to create jobs, boost rural incomes, help lower levels of poverty, improve health and develop a thriving local private sector. The workforce is expected to reach approximately 1800 this year.


Products & services


The New Forests Company will maintain the highest level of conservation and environmental protection of the eco-system, safeguarding and enriching areas of natural and indigenous forest to protect unique flora and fauna and promote bio-diversity. This concept of sustainable forest management will ensure a corporate contribution to the country, its people and our future and maximise the company’s carbon sequestration goals which help combat global warming.

Our environmental management objectives are to:

  • Promote the re-colonization of natural vegetation and biodiversity through enrichment planting regimes in the remaining natural and riparian forests with indigenous species that are or were found in the local environment;
  • Enhance water quality and quantity by limiting erosion and the subsequent siltation of wetland areas and streams. To achieve this, NFC will:
  • Create buffer zones between planted areas and streams of at least 50m;
  • Perform enrichment planting regimes with indigenous species like Khaya, Musisi (Maesopsis), Ficus and Albizia in the protected areas which will stabilize the soil;
  • Ensure correct alignment of roads and the effective drainage thereof.
  • Ensure that natural areas are kept clean of alien invasive species through an NFC developed Integrated Weed Management Plan which incorporates weeding and burning regimes for both natural and the neighbouring commercial areas.
  • Plan and designate a network of natural areas, thus ensuring that natural corridors exist for the movement of indigenous fauna and flora.
  • Ensure that the aesthetic appeal of the area is maintained by identifying, conserving and enhancing unique features of the landscape, using natural features such as watercourses to define compartment boundaries and, where practical, following the natural pattern of the land.


The New Forests Company recognizes the impact of plantation forestry on the environment and commits itself to mitigating these impacts through improved management practices. Furthermore, the need to develop and conserve natural resources according to principles of sustainable management is supported by The New Forests Company. We will meet the needs of the present generation in Uganda without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Contact Information

Contact Person: Country Representative
Postal Address: Kampala - GPO - Kampala
Telephone: +256 (0)41 268 247

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